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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Our Calgary dentists perform extractions for patients with impacted wisdom teeth.

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

People normally have three permanent molars that develop in back areas of the upper and lower jaw. The first molars usually grow into the mouth at around the age of 6. The second molars grow in usually around the age of 12.

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Treating an Impacted Tooth

In many cases, wisdom teeth do not grow in properly or have a proper bite relationship and there is also the potential of having unhealthy gum tissue around surrounding them.

Often, wisdom teeth do not erupt properly or become impacted requiring them to be extracted. We must examine your mouth and x-ray to determine if the teeth are impacted or will not grow in properly.

Impacted teeth may cause problems that can lead to infection, adjacent tooth resorption, gum disease, cysts, or tumors.

To avoid potential problems later in life most dentists remove impacted wisdom teeth. Although they are like any other teeth, most people continue to have normal bites and normal functioning jaws in their absence.

Symptoms of Impacted Teeth

  • Pain
  • Infection in the mouth
  • Facial swelling
  • Swelling of the gum line in the back of the mouth

Wisdom teeth are typically removed after the roots are formed, or at least three-fourths developed. This is usually in the adolescent years.


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